Love Somerville. Live in Somerville.

Somerville is a special town. It’s dynamic and young, but with long-term residents who’ve lived there for generations, and who give it a small-town feel. On the Bremis Team, we sell $2M apartments, but it’s also a welcoming place to the poor, to immigrants, to artists. The bars and restaurants are so varied that there’s something for everyone.

The city is booming right now. East Somerville is developing in a way that’s unprecedented not only in the rest of the state, but also in the rest of the country. The Green Line extension is coming (slowly). And fears that the boom might price out the residents and businesses who make the city so special have been addressed by new zoning laws.

Davis, Porter, and Union are the central hubs, and they’re certainly great, but other squares are rapidly growing. Magoun Square is home to wonderful bars and restaurants like Magouns Saloon and Daddy Jones, renowned sandwich store Pennypackers, and local businesses that include yoga and even flotation. And at this point Assembly Square is virtually a city district of its own.

The city uses public (and private) space creatively for its Honk! and PorchFest music festivals, and there’s always something interesting happening somewhere.

There’s no wonder Somerville was recently named one of the coolest neighborhoods in America. That’s not a one-off: Davis is officially one of the hippest places to live. In fact, some people argue Somerville is the hippest city in America. I’d have to agree.

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