Steve Bremis Realty Group creates SBRG International and obtains exclusive marketing rights to Reykjavik’s premier waterfront community

Somerville, MA – October 23, 2020 – Steve Bremis Realty Group is thrilled to announce the launch of SBRG International, as it has secured exclusive U.S. marketing rights to 70 extraordinary, bright, and expansive condominiums in Iceland’s Austurhöfn, the premier luxury waterfront community in Reykjavik. Iceland has seen an explosion in tourism over the last decade, and now visitors from the U.S. market who have been astounded by the country’s unique natural beauty, cosmopolitan cultural scene, and safety and security can call Iceland home in the extraordinary community at Austurhöfn. 

Steve Bremis Realty Group and SBRG International are the only Boston-area luxury real estate consultants to achieve U.S. exclusivity on an Icelandic property, putting the Icelandic lifestyle at the U.S. market’s fingertips under their extremely successful luxury brand The Bremis Collection. 

When selecting a unit, residents have the option to enjoy dramatic oceanfront or city skyline views at home while taking in all that Reykjavik has to offer. Designed to be fully customizable, from state-of-the-art materials and finishes to offering each resident a smart experience, each unit is “smart home ready.” Nordic Smart Spaces combine lighting control, thermostat, and door entry system to be controlled by wall touch screen or an app. Community amenities include a full concierge service, premium parking, and even an art advisory service to help new residents find unique art for their extraordinary home.

Stephen J. Bremis, founder of Steve Bremis Realty Group and SBRG International, says, “This is an incredible accomplishment by Margret Dagbjartsdottir, initiating SBRG International’s work with this groundbreaking project. It’s an incredible honor to represent Austurhöfn and bring this amazing development to the U.S. market. The Steve Bremis Realty Group specializes in connecting buyers with stunning, state-of-the-art properties. Our sixty year Bremis heritage in real estate allows us to bring extensive expertise and specialization to bear in each transaction and in every relationship we build with our clients.”

In addition to founder Stephen J. Bremis, Austurhöfn is represented by SBRG International’s own native Icelander, Realtor Margret Dagbjartsdottir. Dagbjartsdottir has lived in the Boston area for thirty years following several years living in Europe. She is a member of the Scandinavian Association, Icelandic Association, and the Europeans of Boston.

“As an agent, I know what it’s like not only to relocate to a new city, but to an entirely new country,” says Dagbjartsdottir. “It’s my pleasure to help buyers at Austurhöfn make their dream of purchasing a second home in Iceland a reality.”

For more information, visit and contact SBRG International at 617-828-1070. The Austurhöfn website is equipped with a 24/7 camera and a view of the harborfront around the clock, along with extensive details about the development and its fantastic downtown waterfront location. 

Steve Bremis Realty Group named #1 in Somerville residential sales

The numbers are in! The Steve Bremis Realty Group is pleased to share that it has been named the number one office in Somerville residential property sales to date in 2019, according to MLS data as of May 7, 2019.  The Steve Bremis Realty Group and Steve Bremis Team have listed and sold 12 exclusive properties in Somerville, at a sales volume of nearly $20m. The team also ranks in the top ten in Massachusetts residential sales!

This marks an incredible start for the fledging real estate group, launched in February 2019 by greater Boston real estate expert Stephen J. Bremis. SBRG offers a team of seasoned real estate consultants, experienced at representing both buyers and sellers in the Greater Boston area and teaming up with ambitious developers to bring one-of-a-kind properties to market.

Are you a seller looking for a representative who gets this market and the ambitious Massachusetts buyer? Are you a buyer searching for a broker that will help you find the property of your dreams? Get in touch with Steve Bremis Realty Group today.

Stephen J. Bremis announces the launch of Steve Bremis Realty Group, Building on 64 Years of Bremis Family Heritage in the Somerville Real Estate Market

James J. Bremis Realty, Inc., has been part of the fabric of the vital Somerville, Massachusetts, community and beyond since 1955. Out of the Bremis family’s rich heritage in real estate comes the Steve Bremis Realty Group. Stephen J. Bremis is thrilled to announce the launch of Steve Bremis Realty Group on April 1, 2019, the 64th anniversary of his father’s business’ opening day, April 1, 1955.


James J. Bremis is proud to pass the baton to his son Stephen after such a successful career in real estate in Somerville and beyond. After supporting his father’s business since 1981, Stephen J. Bremis brings thirty-eight years of experience to his own venture upon James J. Bremis’ retirement. Steve Bremis Realty Group offers comprehensive real estate marketing and consulting services that encompass luxury residential property sales under the Bremis Collection brand, commercial property sales, developer consultant services, and rental property marketing.

Steve Bremis Realty Group is off to a running start, reporting record-breaking sales in its very first month.

For more information on Steve Bremis Realty Group and to learn more about its comprehensive services, please visit

Steve Bremis Realty Group achieves record-breaking first month in February 2019

The Steve Bremis Realty Group, launched by Somerville’s leading realtor Stephen J. Bremis in February 2019, came out of the gates with a record-smashing February. Bremis’ three decades of experience in the Somerville real estate market powered the Group through its first month. Breaking down the results, in February 2019 alone, the Group achieved…

SBRG Infographic_February 2019_FINAL

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24 hours in Somerville: a food lover’s paradise

Nothing gets our taste buds dancing like the prospect of a weekend at home in Somerville. After a long week of sad desk lunches or running down to the local café between meetings, locals have a range of both cozy hometown joints and award-winning restaurant experiences to pick from. We’ve put together a little itinerary of how we’d spend a day eating and indulging in one of Massachusetts’ most vibrant cities. Read on!


It’s Saturday morning. Rise and shine! Before embarking on your day out in the Ville, make a stop at delicious local café 3 Little Figs. Just up the street from Davis Square, you can enjoy the view from their little patio in nice weather or settle on in with a big cup of coffee to watch the world go by on Highland Ave. Pro tip: their curry biscuit sandwich makes our breakfast dreams come true.



Maybe next up you enjoy one of Union Square’s many vibrant street festivals. You’re looking for a break and another delicious experience. 3 Little Figs set the bar high, but we’d point you straight to the Independent. Known as the Indo, share a mezze plate with fried chickpeas, and try a local beer from breweries in Everett, Cambridge or Salem.


So, we’d really recommend doing some jumping jacks to prepare for dinner. You’re going to want to stretch. Because we’re sending you to one of the best restaurants in AmericaSarma. Reservations are recommended if you want to secure a table, but sometimes you can sneak in at the bar, too. Modeled after the traditional meyhanes of Turkey, the menu offers an array of small, seasonal plates that bring the flavors of the Mediterranean’s diverse cultures to life. Settle in for an incredible experience.

After-dinner drinks

Last, but certainly not least, you can burn off your meze with a walk up the hill to eclectic neighborhood favorite, Daddy Jones. Perfect for an after-dinner cocktail, Daddy Jones is an intimate spot run by a team of passionate mixologists always offering newly-invented cocktails as well as fresh takes on the old classics. Still got room for dessert? (Impressive!) Order a delicious plate of loukoumades – Daddy Jones celebrates its founder’s roots with Greek-inspired bar food, including these incredible honey dumplings.


This is really only the tip of the iceberg, and we were hard pressed to pick our favorites! Nearly everywhere you turn in Somerville there is a new, delicious experience waiting to be had – so get out there and get testing!

Are you a food lover exploring the possibilities for your home in Somerville? Check out our listings here to see what great properties await you!

Stephen J. Bremis recognized for million dollar successes

Somerville MA / June 15, 2017. Stephen J. Bremis of the Bremis Collection from Bremis Realty Inc in Somerville MA has earned the Million Dollar Guild (GUILD) Recognition owned by The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, which is his second such certification from the Institute. The GUILD recognition is awarded to residential real estate professionals performing in the million-dollar and above market.

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