Know Your Squares: DAVIS

It’s an indisputable fact, albeit one you might not think about too often: the Greater Boston area is full. of. squares. What’s great about this fact is that there is never a dull moment and there’s always something to do. What’s not so great about this fact is that all of these squares are hard to keep track of. Even harder is trying to remember all of the restaurants, bars and other fun places that inhabit them. Never fear! As the experts of Somerville and the Greater Boston area, the Steve Bremis Team is here to help you remember which square has that really great croissant and which one has the niche vintage furniture store. Stay tuned for our new series, Know Your Square, which will highlight the great things about a different square in each post. First up is Somerville’s very own Davis Square.

In recent years, Davis Square has been joining its Greater Boston cohorts as some of the best places to eat in Massachusetts. Home to very hip, very yummy locations like Orleans, Daves’s Fresh Pasta, Kickass Cupcakes, Mr. Crepe and Out of the Blue (just to name a few), Davis has emerged as one of the better squares for fine and casual dining. To make the most of your Davis Square dining trip, you’ll want to come hungry and plan to hit some of the area’s other attractions between courses. The nice thing about eating in Davis Square is that nothing is too expensive. There are higher end restaurants, to be sure, but they aren’t over the top and they certainly aren’t snobby. Just up Holland Street (not technically in the square, but not very much out of it, either) is Broadway Eatery, who deserves a mention in this post simply for their unreal steak quesadilla and the homemade pico de gallo that comes with it.

But, while Davis Square offers an array of delicious food, it doesn’t lack in shopping, either. Your first stop is Magpie, a cute little shop with amazing jewelry and local artist displays. Next up, hit the Buffalo Exchange for a nice selection of vintage clothing for men and women. In the market for some custom furniture? Sunshine Lucy’s has you covered with a great array of new and used pieces. If you haven’t run out of money yet, you NEED to hit up Comicazi, a totally awesome comic, action figure and collectibles store. The staff is helpful and you’ll find a massive collection of trading cards, as well.

Don’t worry – I didn’t forget the coffee. Davis Square’s number one spot for java is Diesel Cafe, which will serve you one of the best cups of coffee that Greater Boston has to offer right before they fill your tummy with some of their homemade (with local ingredients, of course) sandwiches or soups. If you’ve hit Diesel a lot and you’re looking to try something new, don’t settle for Starbucks. Head up the road to True Grounds for a freshly brewed cup and some brunch.

Food, niche stores and coffee aren’t the only things Davis Square has to offer. Home to a fantastic farmers’ market from May to November, you’ll always have fresh veggies and fruit and other organic eats to keep your fridge and cabinets (health)fully stocked. Davis Square also features the Somerville Theatre, a great venue for classic and indie flicks. For all of the fun that Davis Square has to offer, it’s also made itself quite convenient to the commuter. Right on the Red Line, you can come and go however often you please. Just know that every time you leave, you’ll be happy and full and wondering when you’ll make it back to Davis Square.

This post is part of the Steve Bremis Team‘s ‘Know Your Squares’ Series.

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