24 hours in Somerville: a food lover’s paradise

Nothing gets our taste buds dancing like the prospect of a weekend at home in Somerville. After a long week of sad desk lunches or running down to the local café between meetings, locals have a range of both cozy hometown joints and award-winning restaurant experiences to pick from. We’ve put together a little itinerary of how we’d spend a day eating and indulging in one of Massachusetts’ most vibrant cities. Read on!


It’s Saturday morning. Rise and shine! Before embarking on your day out in the Ville, make a stop at delicious local café 3 Little Figs. Just up the street from Davis Square, you can enjoy the view from their little patio in nice weather or settle on in with a big cup of coffee to watch the world go by on Highland Ave. Pro tip: their curry biscuit sandwich makes our breakfast dreams come true.



Maybe next up you enjoy one of Union Square’s many vibrant street festivals. You’re looking for a break and another delicious experience. 3 Little Figs set the bar high, but we’d point you straight to the Independent. Known as the Indo, share a mezze plate with fried chickpeas, and try a local beer from breweries in Everett, Cambridge or Salem.


So, we’d really recommend doing some jumping jacks to prepare for dinner. You’re going to want to stretch. Because we’re sending you to one of the best restaurants in AmericaSarma. Reservations are recommended if you want to secure a table, but sometimes you can sneak in at the bar, too. Modeled after the traditional meyhanes of Turkey, the menu offers an array of small, seasonal plates that bring the flavors of the Mediterranean’s diverse cultures to life. Settle in for an incredible experience.

After-dinner drinks

Last, but certainly not least, you can burn off your meze with a walk up the hill to eclectic neighborhood favorite, Daddy Jones. Perfect for an after-dinner cocktail, Daddy Jones is an intimate spot run by a team of passionate mixologists always offering newly-invented cocktails as well as fresh takes on the old classics. Still got room for dessert? (Impressive!) Order a delicious plate of loukoumades – Daddy Jones celebrates its founder’s roots with Greek-inspired bar food, including these incredible honey dumplings.


This is really only the tip of the iceberg, and we were hard pressed to pick our favorites! Nearly everywhere you turn in Somerville there is a new, delicious experience waiting to be had – so get out there and get testing!

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