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We’ve been proud to represent a wide variety of homes in and around Somerville so far this year, with a large amount of sales. And so, apropos of nothing, here’s a selection of some of the homes we’ve sold lately.

41 Elmwood St, Unit 3 – Somerville MA

Another great home SOLD. 41 Elmwood St, Unit 3, redefined urban luxury, and came complete with all the latest smart home technology (and a whole lot more). We’re proud to represent homes that offer exciting new options in Somerville.

50 Elm Street – Somerville MA
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This one sold fast. A single-family in Porter under $600k, we knew 50 Elm St, Somerville would be hot. It was a pleasure to sell such an in-demand home.

3 Agassiz Ave – Belmont MA

Listed at $569,900, this tasteful renovation was in a great suburban location, with excellent links to Boston and Cambridge.

201 College Ave, Unit 3 – Somerville MA
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Look across the street and you’d see Tufts Field. This gut renovated gorgeous unit with open floor plan & off street parking was less than a ten minute walk to Davis Square, and had an exclusive front porch made out of flagstone.

50 Groveland St – Haverhill MA
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This Georgian mansion was family-owned for over 30 years, and initially listed at an absurdly low $449,900. On over 28,000 sq ft of land, which included a pristine yard and a pool, this was a million dollar house for less than half price in the prestigious Riverside area.

29 Day St – Somerville MA
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This breathtaking 9 room luxury single family colonial condo was listed at $1,499,900 and sold immediately, proving there’s a market for perfection in Davis Square.


Let’s Move To Inman Square

content_L45_74_17Somerville is a creative, diverse place, and the most uniquely Somerville areas are all well inside its (small) boundary. But there’s a lot of action in those adjoining sections with Cambridge: just on the other side of the border are Inman Square and Porter Square.

We’re hyped for the breathtaking new build from award-winning luxury home builders GFC Development Inc, which occupies that curious liminal state of being ostensibly within the area you’d consider Inman Square, and yet also within Somerville. Live in Somerville, but with walking-distance access to Cambridge’s hippest amenities? SOUNDS GREAT TO US.

Here’s the house, because we are SO EXCITED about it, and then we’ll talk more about Inman Square.

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