Experts in selling

We’ve been proud to represent a wide variety of homes in and around Somerville so far this year, with a large amount of sales. And so, apropos of nothing, here’s a selection of some of the homes we’ve sold lately.

41 Elmwood St, Unit 3 – Somerville MA

Another great home SOLD. 41 Elmwood St, Unit 3, redefined urban luxury, and came complete with all the latest smart home technology (and a whole lot more). We’re proud to represent homes that offer exciting new options in Somerville.

50 Elm Street – Somerville MA
1 4 21
This one sold fast. A single-family in Porter under $600k, we knew 50 Elm St, Somerville would be hot. It was a pleasure to sell such an in-demand home.

3 Agassiz Ave – Belmont MA

Listed at $569,900, this tasteful renovation was in a great suburban location, with excellent links to Boston and Cambridge.

201 College Ave, Unit 3 – Somerville MA
College1 College2 College3

Look across the street and you’d see Tufts Field. This gut renovated gorgeous unit with open floor plan & off street parking was less than a ten minute walk to Davis Square, and had an exclusive front porch made out of flagstone.

50 Groveland St – Haverhill MA
`19 1 17

This Georgian mansion was family-owned for over 30 years, and initially listed at an absurdly low $449,900. On over 28,000 sq ft of land, which included a pristine yard and a pool, this was a million dollar house for less than half price in the prestigious Riverside area.

29 Day St – Somerville MA
1 2 29

This breathtaking 9 room luxury single family colonial condo was listed at $1,499,900 and sold immediately, proving there’s a market for perfection in Davis Square.

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