Let’s Move To Inman Square

content_L45_74_17Somerville is a creative, diverse place, and the most uniquely Somerville areas are all well inside its (small) boundary. But there’s a lot of action in those adjoining sections with Cambridge: just on the other side of the border are Inman Square and Porter Square.

We’re hyped for the breathtaking new build from award-winning luxury home builders GFC Development Inc, which occupies that curious liminal state of being ostensibly within the area you’d consider Inman Square, and yet also within Somerville. Live in Somerville, but with walking-distance access to Cambridge’s hippest amenities? SOUNDS GREAT TO US.

Here’s the house, because we are SO EXCITED about it, and then we’ll talk more about Inman Square.

DickinsonGFC Development Inc has achieved acclaim for its construction in a huge variety of ways—they’re being recognized for historic preservation at an awards ceremony tomorrow, in fact—and their latest home represents further experimentation with ultra-modern West Coast/Nordic design elements within a New England aesthetic.

It’s safe to say Somerville has NEVER seen a single family like this! An open floor plan, with 7 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and a master suite with rooftop deck for those Somerville summers. Plus all the features you expect from such a fine builder, including all the latest smart home technology.

This home will be highly customized, and amazingly energy efficient. PreConstruction offered at $1,499,900

Back to Inman

Inman Square is one of the last bastions of owner-run businesses in Cambridge & Somerville. From yoga & pilates to cafes & bars, plus churches, temples, and almost anything else you can think of, Inman is a self-contained local economy with everything you need.

There’s a real sense of diverse community fostered in Inman Square, with a mixture of professionals, working people, and students and professors from neighboring MIT and Harvard, and with many Brazilian influences visible in, for example, the independent storefronts that line the area. Many people travel to the square specifically for the bars and stores and culture for which it’s famous.

But you know what Inman Square is, and why it’s so special. Don’t you want to live there, in this incredible house?

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