Know Your Squares: HARVARD

It’s Thursday again – and it’s time to play Know. Your. Squares! So, we’ve covered the two major Somerville haunts, Porter and Davis, but it’s time to move around a little bit. This week, we’re headed to Harvard, where we’re sure to have some world-class smarts and a whole lot of crimson bestowed on us. According to the Harvard Square website, more than eight million people visit the popular Cambridge destination each year. It’s not too hard to guess what brings them to Harvard Square – delicious eats, amazing theater and dance, great shopping, fantastic festivals. Let us lead you through the best of what this amazing Cambridge area has to offer, and we promise you’ll be clamoring to the nearest Red Line, ready to get your crimson fix.

We’re not veering too far off course by beginning this week’s post with food. We like to give the people what they want. But, we’re going to take a little tour of the specialty cuisine that Harvard Square has to offer. First up, The Taco Truck. A local chain, The Taco Truck is everything you could ever want on four wheels. With energy-efficient features and the extraordinary bonus of late night hours, this fiesta-on-wheels is everything a college student (or normal person with tastebuds) dreams of. Whether you’re vegan or a carnivore, the trans-fat free menu has what you want. Go Auguacate Tostada, for sure. I’m serious. Not into Mexican? 1) Who are you? 2) Harvard Square will still welcome you with open arms. It doesn’t matter what cuisine you’re in the mood for, you WILL find it here. Get some amazing Thai food at Spice Thai or try the deliciousness that is falafel at, you guessed it, Falafel Corner. Rather have Indian? Chutney’s is your place. They even do late night for a tasty snack after a pub crawl. Speaking of which…

Head over to the Grafton Street Pub & Grill for some fine dining with a full bar (over 14 beers on tap, including Jack’s Abbey!!!). Want to skip the restaurant scene and go straight to the bar? Head to Noir to sip on a delicious cocktail and feel flawless while you do it. The comfortable, chic vibe of this place is perfect for a night out with friends or a classy drink after work. We’re not interested in ending this pub crawl just yet, either, so follow us to one of our personal favorites, The Boathouse. You’ll want to snack on the Parmesan Truffle Fries as you sip a Fisherman’s Brew on draft (you can thank us later), or go for dessert and try the amazing chocolate chip brownie with a wine pairing.

If you’re feeling full and happy and you’re ready to get your culture on, Harvard Square has everything you need. Head over to the Brattle Theatre and catch the best in indie and foreign flicks, or try out the OBERON for what is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience. They have everything from disco Shakespeare to a nerdtastic “Big Quiz Thing.” You can’t get more cultured than the Harvard Book Store, so make sure that’s on your list of stops, too. The shop has been family owned and operated since 1932 and has a killer selection of bargain books. They’ve also got a whole list of signed books just waiting to be snatched up by Cambridge’s celeb-loving bibliophiles. For the ultimate shopping/life/indulging-the-little-kid-in-you experience, Harvard Square also offers The World’s Only Curious George Store, which is both the name of this glorious retail heaven and also a fact.

So, there you have it: Harvard Square. Or, as we’re all saying in our heads as we read: Haaahvaahd Squayah. All jokes aside, this little piece of Cambridge heaven is a square you will not want to miss. Whether you’re a tourist in the Boston Metro Area or you’ve lived here all your life, Harvard Square will always surprise you. Home to some of the world’s smartest students and a whole lot of culture, it’s a must see for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re literally hungry, culturally hungry or both, Harvard Square will fill you up.

P.S. – Love Harvard Square so much you want to live by it? We can help! Head over to the Steve Bremis Team website to view all of our listings. You could live just a T ride away from this beautiful, beautiful place!

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