How to deck the halls- when the halls are for sale!

It’s that time of year again, but are you facing the “home for the holidays” home seller blues? 

No matter the holiday that you celebrate, the real estate market during the months of November and December can be tricky. Or, you can see it our way and create appealing home decor and warm welcomes to those who come to browse at your open houses this month- however limited they may be!

Here’s our surefire list to keep you on top of the holiday home sale you’ve found yourself in!

1. Remember, not everyone celebrates the same holidays.


We live in a special and diverse society- where many families are celebrating many different holidays throughout the winter months. This doesn’t mean you have to take the fun out of your holiday! While it is true that you might not want to partake in your neighborhood christmas light competition and have lights flickering to different parts of blaring holiday carols- you do want to make your home feel a home, like only you can. So keep it simple, spread some cheer without going overboard and making the rooms in your house resemble some kind of North Pole episode of Hoarders.

2. Twinkle, twinkle, buy my home


We recommend twinkling lights. White, bright, and welcoming, these simple and festive bulbs create an invitation into your home and property. So string some lights on your front bushes, and feel free to put simple candles in the windows to light up your nights…it get’s dark early these days, so chances are you might have potential buyers coming once the sun goes down and the lights decorate your property.

3. Baby, it’s cold outside


Keep the heat on as you normally would- and turn up that dial before your open house. You don’t want your open houses browsers to miss out on all the small details that your house has to offer. Have great pull out cabinets in the kitchen? Make sure your guests aren’t shivering to the point they can’t take their gloves off to inspect and experiment! Chances are, your experienced agent has most likely given many tours in cold weather (this IS new england!) so try not to worry that they’ll turn your home into a sauna or leave the doors open. Trust your realtor with your thermostat and keep everyone’s hopes hot for your home!

4. It’s ok to have a tree


Did you get a charlie brown tree or a grandiose pine? It doesn’t matter- as long as you keep it clean, healthy, and out of the way! Make sure your tree has proper water and that if there are pine needles, they are swept up daily! Remember- you’re tree shouldn’t block any doors or places of interest for the room you host it in!

That’s a wrap…our gift to you, we hope some of these tips were helpful and carry you through this holiday, home seller!


The Steve  Bremis Team is Somerville’s Leading in Sales Real Estate Team! Call today 617-828-1070

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